Edgewater Park

For the second summer, you can once again visit the six super cute sheep who’ve taken up residence at Edgewater Park.
From June 17th to July 14th and August 5th to 18th, you can pat them, take Instagram-worthy selfies, and fantasize about selling it all and moving to the country to watch over your own flock.
Feed is available for 25 cents (though they’re happy with the bits of grass the kids were feeding them), and there are various sheep-focused activities at the park throughout the summer such as knitting, lectures and demonstrations, a story tent, crafts, and even yoga beside your new wooly friends.

The sheep stay in a temporary enclosure during the day, which will move around the park as they graze, and their presence is subject to weather, so if there’s heavy rain or heat waves they will be in their shelter.
A shepherd will be with them at all times to ensure their safety from the throngs of daycare children who are sure to visit. And to answer questions.
Last year the sheep were packed up at the end of each day and transported back to their farm, but this year they have a small barn right in the park. Much better for the environment than bringing them back and forth! 

For more information about the project and to find out about all the activities and times, check Pointe-Claire’s website HERE
It would be great to have some weekday daytime activities for nearby schools and daycares, but it looks like for now they’re all in the evening. 

Edgewater Park is also a great spot for a picnic, to watch the boats from the Pointe-Claire Yacht Club, or a to just lay in the shade of a willow tree and read a book. The belvedere at the western end of the park is a popular location for photos and fishing, or…photos of fishing, and you can watch the red-winged blackbirds and purple martins flittering through the wild rose bushes. 
We like grabbing sandwiches from Épicerie Prette on the corner of Lakeshore and Cartier (which has an AMAZING selection of microbrews), and of course the regulatory ice cream from Wild Willy’s. Or explore the rest of Pointe-Claire village for great coffee, chocolates, baked goods, pizza, mmmmm…

*A similar sheep project has been in parks in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie for the last couple of summers, and will take place again this year. They’re currently grazing at The Botanical Gardens and Parc Maisonneuve and the summer schedule will be up shortly.

Things to note:
-There is NO playground here. For the nearest playground, you can cross Cartier and head to Bourgeau Park
-No fencing and it’s close to the water (as the name would suggest), so watch your runners! The bike path also snakes its way through.
-A water fountain is at the western part of the park.
-Two parking lots are available; one just east of Cartier Avenue, and a smaller lot at the west end.
-benches and picnic tables are scattered throughout the park and there’s plenty of space for a picnic blanket. 
-This is also a great spot to watch Canada Day and St. Jean fireworks!

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