Alexandre Bourgeau Park

There were firemen.

End of post.

Haha! No but really, there was a fire on a boat in the marina while we were there which made for all sorts of excitement for the kids over the trucks…and well, ya know, me.
We visited here in the evening after some pizza at Gigi’s in Pointe Claire Village. There’s street parking, parking lots beside The Pioneer on Lakeshore, or down by the water (past the yacht club).
This park is always bustling with activity, but surprisingly we were the only ones in the playground. There is a PUBLIC*** pool right beside the playground, tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball diamond, and there are two more play structures in the Marguerite-Bourgeoys schoolyard.
The toddler playground is fully-fenced and gated and has a direct view of the big-kid park. There are four baby swings, a frog spring-rider, and a small boat-themed climber that has easy-to-climb steps, a tiny tube, double slides, and rope ladders. Both the swings and the climber are on wood chips, while the small separate sand section has a concrete turtle to climb, a sand table/activity panel, a sand digger, and a bench/table. There’s a bit of grass and a couple of benches but no picnic table within the toddler playground.
Just outside the fenced area is a rope spinner that has me constantly shouting “BE CAREFUL!” to the big one, and there’s an in-ground trampoline as well. We spent the better part of an entire summer wondering what it was before finally seeing someone else bouncing on it. I thought it was a random koi fish pond without water. Doh.

There ARE picnic tables under the trees right beside the big-kid park (which is a stone’s throw from the kiddie park) and the entire big-kid area is on wood chips. The climber has a steep mountain wall, easy staircase, sky wheels, a bridge, and some straight-down slides. Six swings round out the equipment. (p.s. there’s a water fountain just outside the tennis courts)

There are two more water fountains, one outside of and one inside the chalet, as well as seasonal bathrooms, and porta potties in summer.
I’ve included some pictures of the school’s two play structures, because they are so accessible to the park there are always kids there on weekends and after school. 

Early July is shadfly season so it can be crunchy walking around, but their season is short lived. The slide in the school’s yard was covered in them. I spared you a picture of it. *gross*
After playing and watching boats (and ahem, firemen) for a bit we walked up Cartier to Wild Willy’s for ice cream. Pointe Claire Village is a great place for a whole evening’s adventure 🙂
Bourgeau Park is usually the site for St. Jean Baptiste and Canada Day festivites in Pointe Claire and can get verrrry busy during those days.

***For pool info contact or [email protected]


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