Ecclestone Park

We originally visited this park early summer 2014, basically hated it and it’s the only park where I’ve hurt myself because of broken equipment. We came in 2015 when a couple of things were redone, and hadn’t returned since. Luckily, it’s now been completely redone, and has some great new equipment, some that we haven’t seen before!

The large play structure from GameTime’s Modern City line is suuuuuper interesting. Even my now 16-year-old (gulp!) clamoured up and around. Aimed at kids 18-months to 12, there’s a lot to do including some interactive elements at ground level, but I’d say this is a better climber for older kids. See the photo gallery to figure out if it’s a good fit for your toddler. 

Nearby is a fun rocking egg, a spinner where you can obviously try and make your sibling puke, and a small dinosaur spring rider. Bring your shovels as the sandbox has a fun surprise. 

For the thrill-seekers there’s also a zipline! You all know I loooooove ziplines, and this model is probably my favourite as it has stairs up to the platform rather than a steep (and often slippery) ramp. 

While we quite liked the renovation and the new equipment, I know some Kirkland families in the area aren’t thrilled at the lack of accessible products and another park where their children can’t play. It goes to show the importance of speaking with your residents and having public consultations!


  • The playground is on wood chips, with a separate sandbox. 
  • Fenced on three sides. 
  • The only shade is under the shade structure covering the picnic tables. 
  • The park connects to the East/West walking trails that go down past the Colisée movie theatre so you could bring a stroller and walk along, stopping at the parks along the way.
  • There are parking spots on Rue de Granada and Rue Argyle.
  • Other facilities at this park include soccer fields, a baseball field, Ecclestone Pool, tennis/pickleball and basketball courts, and plenty of space for a picnic.
  • There’s a park chalet but it was not open when we visited so bathroom facilities may or may not be available depending when you’re there. 


  • Karin says:

    Thanks for all your awesome reviews! I’m on mat leave and have been using your posts to explore new parks with my toddler and baby! Just wanted to tell you that Ecclestone park has been renovated. We were there yesterday and they have some new & fun kid structures! I came back to read your review and saw you had pictures of the old equipment (it’s near where I grow up so I know this park well). Keep up the fantastic work!

    • StrollerMom says:

      Thanks for the kind words! I know Kirkland is redoing four parks this fall (this one was not on their list), so thank-you for letting me know. We’ll try and go next week to take new pictures and update the review. I don’t have particularly good memories from when we went so I’m happy to see it’s been redone 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Ecclestone has just been completely redone. Would love to see a review

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