Pierre-Dansereau Park

Just. So. Cool. 

The boys and I have seen so many ho-hum parks that it’s always exciting when we find something new and unique. The brand new play space just across from the Université de Montréal MIL Campus is definitely unique. In fact, we’ve only seen the large play structure once before (at THIS PARK), and some of the other products are new on the market. 

But rewind a sec. Because I was TOO EAGER to see the park, we came before it was actually opened. Which everyone groaned about, but I leaped out of the car to take photos anyway, because we’re rarely out this way. But, no worries! Because as you read this, the park is now officially open, so you can go and frolic, dance, and play away the summer. 

The playground is a great space for kids of all ages, and is fully fenced and gated. There’s a small shaded sand box, spinners and climbers, two baby and two adult swings, a super interesting and challenging climber for big kids, and loads to touch and turn. Little ones (and their parents) may appreciate the staircases that are easy to climb, and if you have kids of varying ages, it’s easy to keep an eye on them as everything is all in the same space. 

The splash pad is located just outside of the playground fencing and includes ground jets, a tall sprayer, and the cutest super-shallow “river” that meanders to the drain. Touch the sensor to turn on the water sequence. Note that this section has no fencing and is quite close to the road. 

The landscaping around the park is gorgeous and includes nods to the site’s former life as a train yard. Wander along the path and there are picnic tables and benches, and some green space to run around in. 

Things to note:
-Splash pad hours should be listed on THIS PAGE, but it wasn’t updated when I wrote this. Generally, splash pads are on from 9am-9pm.
-The park is so new that the map below had trouble locating it. It is directly across from the MIL Campus, or, at the top of Querbes or l’Épée Avenues. 
-We could NOT find any street parking, and there is no parking lot that I know of. You may need to wander around looking for street parking. If you find a better solution please let me know!
-There is hardly any shade. 
-There is currently no bathroom or porta-potty, which is a shame as this seems like the type of park where people may stay a few hours. 

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  • Cristina says:

    The coolest thing that we discovered at this park was, for lack of technical terms, a kind of “built-in archeological activity” in the sand box. We discovered a dinosaur skeleton buried in the sand for all to discover! There were also some other fossils hidden in the sand box but I had trouble making out what they were. My dinosaur-obsessed 5-year-old was blown away and so was I at this genius touch!

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