Dalmany Park

Some people may not know that the reason we first started visiting so many parks was to help with my micro-preemie’s physical therapy. Up until we first visited this park in 2015, we’d been pretty frustrated by the lack of toddler play structures with easy-to-climb stairs.
So this. THIS was the toddler climber we’ve been searching for. 

When I heard in 2018 that the park was going to be redone I was sad that this climber that we’d loved would probably also be replaced, along with some of our other favourites like the bouncing bus. 
But, as usual, LaSalle has done a stellar renovation, and they thoughtfully retained all the parts of the old park which we’d loved, and added in some great new products along with a gorgeous splash pad. 
This is a safe place to bring groups of kids, or toddler “runners”, as the entire perimeter of the park is fenced and has latching gates.
The toddler section is now all on wood chips with a small sandbox nearby, and has the great Jambette play structure, a stand-alone crawl tunnel, a popular-with-my kids school bus, spring riders, and the cutest little playhouse.
Same as four years ago, my littlest had so much fun trying out all the different things, then running back to the bus, then screaming at his brother to get OFF the bus, then going into the little house, back to the bus…..you get the idea. 

They’ve grown a bit in four years…

There are also new baby swings and the fantastic Expression tandem swing in the toddler area.

The old wading pool/fountain thing has been filled in and there are the BEST painted floor games likes a long jump, saut au lapin, and colourful paths to follow. I wish more parks had this great attention to detail! My kids thought it was wicked fun to try and beat each other. Of course. 

After hanging out here a bit, we skedaddled over to the big-kid area, whose (reused) climber has a staircase, which is nice to see on climbers for older kids as some still prefer accessing the slide that way. There are monkey bars, a spider web to scale, slides, and ladders.
New is the sort of…skateboarding/sliding thing that my 11-year old found quite impossible to use, the saucer swing, and adult swings. 

The sparkling splash pad by Waterplay is lovely with tall flowers and misting butterflies, a trio of water cannons, spinning flower buds that make the most surprising and beautiful pattern, and tipping buckets. There are two sensors to turn on the water sequence.
Bonus: Lounge chairs!

Things to note:
-The park is fully fenced AND gated. There are TWO gates. 
-A porta-potty and drinking fountain are beside the little chalet.
-While one of the shiny picnic tables is wheelchair accessible, not much else is. A cutout in the concrete borders of the play areas would be welcome.
-Street parking is available on the surrounding streets; be nice to the neighbours and read the signs. 
From the Borough of Lasalle webpage:
Play fountains:
NEW: Discover the splash pads at L’Aquaciel‘s playground located near Centre sportif Dollard-St-Laurent. There are 14 parks with play fountains where children can cool off and play in the water: Lawrence, Père-Marquette, Ouellette, Leroux, Hayward, Riverside, Jeannotte, Ménard, Dalmany, J.O.R.-Leduc, Lefebvre, Boivin, J.D.-Ducharme and Cavelier-de-LaSalle.

Schedule of Play fountains : 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
L’Aquaciel : 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Admission is free.

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