Toe-Blake Park Splash Pad

We drove past this park in October after visiting Aurèle-Joliat Park around the corner, and kinda craned our heads out the window to see what those tall funky-looking dudes were doing.
Turns out, there’s an almost new splash pad here, and those “dudes” are musicians from Waterplay Solutions Jam Sessions collection. 
This is one of the most creative and fun splash pads we’ve seen, and what will also grab your attention is the brightly coloured musical-themed painted base. Swirling keyboards and musical notes makes a fun design to prance across. 
And then….turn on the water and you can literally dance across the Tappin’ Tunes giant keyboard (like in the movie Big!) and notes come out of the Maestro speaker. Run under the Kokospilli who’ll drench you with their instruments, play with the gentle toddler-friendly Spinny Squirt. And there are lots of ground sprays so watch where you stand when taking videos 😉

Some notes:
-The splash pad is on from 9am-8pm daily. Press the sensors to turn on the water. 
-There is no traditional play equipment at this park, it is simply the splash pad (and a soccer field).
-There is NO shade. 
-There are benches right around the water area as well as six picnic tables close by. 
-Bring some books to trade at the Ma Petite Boîte à lecture.

This park doesn’t show up on Google Maps, so check our interactive Google map below, or punch “125 Rue Toe-Blake” into the GPS to get you there. It’s right on the corner of Rue Toe-Blake and Rue Emile-Bouchard. There’s easy street parking on Toe-Blake and a small parking lot with a porta-potty on Rue Jean-Béliveau. 

Toe-Blake Park – Vaudreuil-Dorion from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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