Sœur-Madeleine-Gagnon Park

I originally drove past this park in February, when it didn’t look all that enticing with the layer of snow, but I could see the tops of the splash pad sprayers from where I was standing on St. Laurent Boulevard. 
Adding it to our summer to-do list, we had the chance to visit this week when we were in the area. 
Part of Rosemont-La Petit-Patrie’s Little Italy neighbourhood, this park is interesting in that there are two distinct playgrounds, a new-ish fenced basketball court, AND a splash pad. Didn’t expect to find all that just beside the hustle and bustle of St. Laurent! Recently renamed for Sœur-Madeleine-Gagnon, the founder of the Maisonnette des Parents, you can read more about her and her work HERE.

Partially fenced, but with open parts quite near the road, the two play areas and splash pad are beside Rue Saint Dominique, but you can walk through from St. Laurent and past the basketball court. We found free street parking just beside the park (phew!), but make sure to read the signs carefully. 

Being rather windy and a bit chilly, we didn’t turn on the splash pad, but the water features from Pointe-Claire’s Vortex low-flow line include ground sprays, the cute Ombrellos that drip water from their tops, and the tall Bamboo which shoots water out gently from either side. According to the city’s website, the splash pad is open from 9am-9pm.

Just beside the splash pad, and on a rubber base is equipment from Kompan, and while little kids can’t really climb the play structure, they can toddler around on the stand or sit Spica spinners, or the wiggly and wobbly Argo balance beam. 
And then, there’s more!
Past a trio of picnic tables is the toddler park which is all on sand and consists of a climber from GameTime, baby swings, a separate sand box, as well as plenty of benches and picnic tables. 
The climber has stairs, a climbing wall, slides, as well as ground level activities including the Solar System panel, a couple of seats and a small table. 

If you’re looking for a bit more than just a park outing, consider bringing a picnic along!
At the Dinette Triple Crown two blocks away at 6704 Rue Clark, you can order a meal to go and they’ll wrap in up picnic style complete with dishes, cutlery, and a tablecloth in a wicker basket, all of which you return when you’re done. 
You can read a review about it HERE from the blog Montreall.com

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