de Breslay Park

This small park has a lot of good things going on. It’s fully fenced and gated, has great shade, almost all new equipment, and someone has put all their old Tonka trucks and diggers and even a tricycle! I can’t guarantee the toys will be there all summer though.

When we drove up and saw all the toys I thought there must be a bunch of kids playing here somewhere, but nope, just us and the little guy was THRILLED that he got to touch someone else’s toys 😉

Most of the equipment here including the swings, large climber, fencing, benches, picnic table, and wood chips (in the big-kig part only) is new from 2013. 
The shiny big climber has wide stair platforms leading up to the high slide and double monkey bars. There is also a small rock-climbing wall, ladders, and a couple of seats and a table at ground level. Leading up to the climbers are little rubber pods that also make great seats for eating muffins bought in Pointe-Claire Village!
Also on wood chips and in the same section are the big-kid swings.
The middle of the park has a gravel path, benches and a picnic table in a prime “watching both sides” spot. And there is glorious shade from the mature trees all around and a fantastic aroma from the twinkling poplar trees. One day I’ll have a driveway lined with these trees!
The toddler climber from Landscape Structures (on sand) is small and easy to climb with stairs AND wide platforms, and has a steering wheel panel, slide, and a window.
There are also baby swings, and Little Tikes four-kid teeter-totter ride-on. 

This park was VERY relaxing. With everything all in one spot and fully fenced AND all the toys, my small guy was happy to stay for almost an hour and a half. AND I even got to sit for 37 seconds!

p.s. This park does NOT show up on Google Maps, but it’s there!

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Fenced toddler park
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