Square Sainte-Élisabeth

Almost entirely redone, this park has all-new playgrounds, park furnishing, a couple of wooden gliders, and a super refreshing misting station.

After public consultations to guide the redevelopment of the neighborhood park (which you can read about HERE), work was completed in spring 2021 and the park had just reopened right before our visit. 

With lovely natural pieces from Kompan’s Robinia line, kids can travel the small obstacle course practicing their balance and agility, or glide back and forth in the comfy bird nest swing. There’s also a cute playhouse/climber with steps, slide, ground-level ledge (where I bought my coffee for the low price of 8 wood chips), and a mini seat. 

Then…there’s the little section for toddlers that has a sand shovel, sand table, and the BESTEST THING EVER: a water table with a working faucet. PUSH on the tap (this took us a while to figure out) and water will come out and flow down the log onto the basin. SO. COOL.
This area is all on sand, while the rest has wood chips surfacing. 

Outside of the fencing are the old swing sets, new wooden gliders that don’t seem heavy-duty enough for a public park (one was already slightly broken), new paths, a drinking fountain, and the super lovely tall mister. We never see these near our place on the West Island and it seems like a great alternative when a full splash pad can’t be installed. You can refresh without getting too wet! We were all quite mesmerized and sent the little one in to check it out. 

Things to note:
-The square is located between Saint-Jacques, De Courcelle and Delinelle streets, and is beside both residential and business sectors, and adjacent to a neighborhood school. You can find some cool spots nearby for an after-park treat including Léché Desserts on Courcelle where we got ridiculously fancy and delicious donuts, and there are a ton of places another block south on
Notre-Dame St W.
-As usual, parking is stupid. We found a spot in the parking lot beside the donut shop, and made sure that there were no “reserved” signs, or you can look for street parking nearby. Good luck!

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