Parc de la Traite-des-Fourrures

This park is shared with the neighbouring school, so make sure to check the public use schedule here:

I had both kiddos with me on this trip, and they both enjoyed the new-in-2020 big-kid area with its tall and challenging climber, the rope course, and the stand-up spinner. 

The school yard is crazy fun—I wish ours was like this—and has newly painted games on the surface, a beautiful  compass rose, and what looks to be a mini sledding hill? A hill for biking down? Not sure!
There’s also a wheelchair-accessible picnic table, a drinking fountain, and tons of seating. 

Nearby is the older toddler section that has great shade, more picnic tables, some spring riders, and a small play structure with stairs, slides etc.

Things to note: 
-There is fencing, and a gate for one of the entrances.
-The playgrounds are on wood chips. 
-There are no swings. 

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