des Chardonnerets Park

We came by here a year ago, because it was on my to-do list, but it was during the week and we aborted the mission once seeing that the playground was also used by the school next door. 
We finally had a chance to come back again – this time on a weekend – and enjoyed some frolicking. 

Though situated almost IN the schoolyard, this is definetely a municipal park and you’ll find two play areas, as well as hand-dandy items like a porta-potty and drinking fountain. 

The cute toddler play structure includes stairs, double slide, and short monkey bars. There’s also a sit/stand spinner in the wood chips and just beside is a baby swing and an adaptive swing. There is a TALL border all around the area and no ramp, so it would be next to impossible to get a wheelchair up to beside the swing. 

Across the path and past some picnic tables (and exciting boulders!) is an interesting bright red climber that resembles a giant insect, as well as 4 adult swings. 

The rest of the space has a teeny hill, a small artificial turf soccer field, and further on is the actual school playground (which we didn’t visit).

Things to note:
-I would avoid this park during school hours.
-The park is fenced along the road but with an open gate.
-The playground equipment is on wood chips. 

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