Lac-à-la-Loutre Park

This is what I consider an important park. As in, it’s a park for kids of all abilities and ages.

We visited here a couple of years ago, and a lot of the equipment was in poor shape; with rotten wood, and metal that looked like it had more than a few coats of peeling paint. 

Summer of 2020 saw it completely redone. 
And not just renovated, but renovated with an emphasis on inclusion and play for all. 

There are some great products here, including GameTime’s Merry Go All spinner, a roller table which is great for upper body strength and sensory stimulation, the Sensory Wave climber with its multiple play panels, and the Sensory Wave Spinning Seat (a favourite.) 

My two loved the saucer swings, the various climbing apparatus, and the Swing ‘N Sway rocking monkey bars. 
My little one has been working hard at “perfecting” his overhead grip, and these moving bars were a great (and unexpected!) challenge for him.

In the toddler section you’ll find the Chrysalis Spinner, the large Rock N Raft that will hold you and 5 friends (but I find it hard to rock), and plenty to swing from, and climb across. I particularly like that many of the products are accessible from seated height, and that there are tons of interesting products where kids can play alongside each other. Also, the play structures in both sections have easy-to-climb stairs up to the higher parts and slides. 

If your bigger kids want to experience even more, head west past the toddler park and there’s an impressive TrekFit outdoor exercise area with stations for all, as well as picnic tables and lounge chairs. 

Things to note:
-Both playgrounds are on accessible poured-in-place rubber surfacing, making it easy for people of all ages and abilities to maneuver. 
-Both areas are quite shady in the morning. 
-The big-kid area is fully fenced but not gated (I’d add a gate at the street), and the toddler section is fenced and gated. 
-There are many, many acorns.
-Parking is, as always, tricky around here. But we snagged a great spot in front on Courcelle St. 


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