des Joyeux-Vikings Park

With its Viking-inspired splash pad, brand new play structures for toddlers and big kids, relaxation spots (bring your hammock!), and gardens: the park has been given a facelift to become a modern and exciting place for families and kids of all ages.

Named after a mural that used to be on a wall adjoining the park (you can read the park’s history HERE), the site was originally the stables for the horses that pulled milk trucks, and was revitalized in the 1970’s through a citizens association.

Renovated in 2004, it was redone again recently, and just reopened in 2020. We may or may not have driven by quite a few times in the past year or two, impatiently waiting for the fences to be down!

A lovely new splash pad by Waterplay replaces the super old-school water fountains. See evidence from our visit in 2016!

The new water features include ground sprays, turnable water cannons, a quartet of mini sprayers for the littlest ones, super-cute spraying stones, and a tall and fearsome dragon (sea serpent?)

Parents can hang out in the cozy lounge chairs, and the big-kid area is just steps away, and up a ledge. Be careful here, as I almost tipped backyards off of it while taking pictures!

The AMAZING Berliner slide and cable climber is, as my kids said: “Extreme!”
With a 14-foot high (!) enclosed metal slide, it is quite the ride. Geared for kids 5-12, both of my kids (7&12) loved it, AND were challenged by it, which in my opinion, makes it a great play product. They climbed up the rope ledges, across the bridge, zipped back down, and up and down ad nauseum. 
So great to see something that is exciting and fun enough for older kids. It’s also “A little bit scary!”

Near the hooks for hammocks (brilliant) is the beautiful Globe wood and cable climber that looks like a piece of art. And tucked into the corner is a toddler climber with rope, a rope bridge, the little houses to play in, and a small-scale slide. You’ll also find a shady sandbox here.

A couple of things still look unfinished, as it seems a few picnic tables and benches are still to be added. This is a GREAT park, and whoever is designing the new Ville-Marie playgrounds is doing great things!

Things to note:
-The splash pad water is on from 8am-11pm. Touch the button on the top of the orange pole to start the water sequence.
-You can find a list of all of the borough’s pools, wading pools, and splash pads HERE
-The park is completely fenced and gated, though there are two gates on different sides of the park. 
-The park is located on rue Beaudry, between rue Robin and rue La Fontaine (see map below!). You can access the park from two sides.
-There is some nice shade here from mature trees.

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