Sainte-Marie Park

Ville-Marie has been hard at work redoing old playgrounds into some super interesting and modern community play spaces.

This park is the newest to be completely renovated, and has insect and treehouse-shaped play structures, table tennis, a nature-inspired splash pad, small “mushroom” tables, a super-tall cable climber, and trampolines!

There are also plenty of wheelchair-accessible tables, benches, and lounge chairs for small gatherings, picnics, and daycare lunches. 

It’s all very, very lovely!

My two boys particularly loved the trio of trampolines (this product line is the BEST of all the trampolines out there!), and the challenging climb up to the treehouse in the sky.

Scoot past the picnic tables (love the toddler-sized one), and on the other side of the park is the toddler area with its little houses, a “log” crawl tunnel, an adorable caterpillar, a saucer swing, and a mushroom table

Other smart touches in this park include a cool drinking fountain that kids can actually reach AND that has a bottle filling spout; chess boards embedded in the tables; and rubber surfacing in the play areas with a separate sand box. 

There were too many kids too take many pics or any video, but the beautiful Waterplay splash pad has lovely tall misting “grass”, gently bubbling stones, and flower sprayers. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad water is on from 8am-11pm. Press the sensor on the green post to turn on the water sequence.
-Street parking is available on the three streets that have paths to the park. Watch the signs!
-There are fencing and gates around the majority of the park, except for the path that leads to Rue La Fontaine (which is where you’ll also find more tables and table tennis.)
-Shade is hit and miss, it depends where you stand. 
-There are no traditional swings at this park. 

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