Montcalm Park (Candiac)

Montcalm Park is a large park popular with sports enthusiasts, hence the new sports-themed playground.

The colourful equipment from Landscape Structures has a TON of parts to climb, cross, and slide down. My two boys particularly loved the tall slides which they did again and again. And……again!

Smaller kids can use the stairs that go the whole way up to the slides, and to get to the sporty tic-tac-toe activity panel.
There are so many cute touches all over like the football bouncer to balance on and the baseball mitt climber.

Past a couple of trees, and through the most beautiful rainbow arch (read the plaque) is the equally awesome toddler structure with accessible stairs, a bridge, tunnel, different climbers, and sensory panels like the lovely marbles and gears to turn.

The playgrounds are on sand and both areas have benches and picnic tables nearby.

Don’t forget your bathing suits and towels as the splash pad will cool you off after all that playing!

The park also has tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball courts, baseball fields, and a permanent ice rink installed ice hockey and summer floor hockey.

Things to note:
-Bathrooms are right beside the splash pad. -I could not find splash pad hours on the city’s website or their FB page. Sorry!
-The sensor to turn on the water is on the red post. 

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