Les Coteaux – Parc Réjean-Boisvenu

After visiting Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site (you can use your free Parks Canada passes!), we continued driving west along Chemin du Fleuve to the town of Les Coteaux. The kids were in need of another snack, so we searched for a park and came across Parc Réjean-Boisvenu. With a pretty great playground, tons of room to run around, and an epic cross-country outdoor gym, it was a great place to stop and stretch for a while. 

There’s a ton of stuff to play on here. Divided into two sand areas, there’s a BIG play structure with multiple staircases, slides, steering wheels, rope bridges and more. It’s nice that kids of varying ages can play here. While you suntan in the BLAZINGLY HOT sand. Word of warning, there is NO shade over this part of the play area, and when we visited around noon on a not-that-hot day, the sand was excruciating. The boys yelped their way around and tried out the seesaws, spring riders, and my little guy drooled over the car while the older one climbed the interesting Spider Climber. Nearby are two adult swings, a baby swing, and the AMAZING GameTime Parent-Baby Expression swing.

And then there’s another play area! With another great play structure from Jambette, a crawl tunnel, and more baby swings. Again, it was very sunny, the the surrounding picnic tables were nicely shaded. And right next door? An actual REAL, UNLOCKED bathroom. Hooray for small miracles!

After a snack and perusing the lending library/book house, the boys took off to explore the really, really neat cross-country obstacles. Anyone training for a Spartan race or mud run type thing would have a great time here. 

Getting back up to Highway 401/Autoroute du Souvenir was about 3 minutes, so if you’re travelling Montreal-Toronto and need a pit stop with some great space to run around, this park fits the ticket. Take Exit 12. 

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