Taillon Park

This was our fourth or fifth time visiting Taillon Park because we like to stop here for a little play when we do one of our around-the-island drives.

Big changes have happened since we first visited a few years ago. There’s now an inclusive play space for kids ages 18 months to 12 years old, a man-made sledding hill with different sized runs; the addition of an outdoor training area, and a 400-metre walking/running trail with Bench Fit training areas that meanders through the nearby woods.

New in June 2021 is a bright a cheery play structure that has an accessible ramp, music makers, and a transfer station for the low monkey bars. There’s also a trio of sensory games under the tall slide, accessible stairs, and a small double slide. My 8-year old loved the super tall slide and the different ladders and rungs, and ran up and zipped back down. It’s an engaging play structure that will entertain kids of varying ages. 

Nearby are two baby swings, two adult swings (that were too small for my butt), and a great Expression tandem swing with an adaptive seat with five-point harness. Retained from the older park is the cute Discover Cave where the littlest kids can explore underneath as they crawl through and older ones can practice their rock-climbing skills while they remain close to the ground.

I’d actually like to see a few more inclusive play products here, like a Sensory Spinner seat or some ground panels. Also, the ramp entrance seems to be strangely installed as isn’t flush with the ground. 

If you come to work out, the playground is literally steps from the exercise area so you can watch the kids balance/climb/pull-up while you do the same! We checked out the seven exercise stations with their instruction panels, and what’s interesting here is that the panels have training tips for both adults and seniors. Then we walked through the trail which you’ll find just behind the playground and the sledding hill. Note that we did end up running because we were being chased by hordes of mosquitos. So if you want a more leisurely workout, make sure to bring bug spray!

Things to note:
-The playground is on wood chips, making it easier for mobility devices to maneuver in than sand, but not as easy as poured-in-place rubber. 
-There is a huge parking lot directly in front of the park.
-There is no fencing.
-A drinking fountain is beside chalet.
-The chalet with bathrooms has been locked every time we’ve visited, so I’d say there are no bathrooms. 
-A few picnic tables are scattered around the park. 

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