Du Suroît Park

This park wins the award for “Park I drove by the most number of times while it was being built.” With a record SEVEN drive-bys. 
Then before we could see it completed, we ran out of time, so we waited until this spring, and it became our first park visit of 2019.
Well worth the wait 🙂 And why there’s absolutely no foliage on the trees and the photos look a little bleak. 🙁 

Located at the corner of De l’Île Boulevard and Du Suroît Street, the park was inaugurated on September 24, 2018 and is one of the more important playgrounds of the region. 
Why important?
This is one of the few accessible and inclusive playgrounds in the west part of Montreal and features some unique products. Located in the small park is a plethora of great features including:
-the Sensory Wave Spinning Seat (with a 5-point harness),
-a wheelchair accessible ramp with sensory panels and play modules,
-the great Sensory Wave Climber,
-cutouts in the playground border to allow mobility devices into the play areas,
-easy to climb stairs with a transfer station,
-an adaptive swing (that I had a heck of a time getting to latch, it may need an adjustment…)
-and accessible picnic tables. 

Both my kids (6 &11) loved this playground and the play structure. They did monkey bar races, ran up and slid down the tall twirly slide, tried to knock each other off the tippy Rock-a-Bout saucer, figured out the braille question, and swung some more! It’s a great park if you have kids of varying ages as everything is located all together in one space. 

Things to note:
-The surfacing is wood chips. Not as good as poured rubber in terms of accessibility, but better than sand for sure. 
-The park is almost fully fenced and gated, though the fencing doesn’t continue on the two short ends. I hope this will be finished at some point. 
-There should be afternoon shade.
-There are two parking spots located right at the park gate, for those with disabled parking permits.
-A drinking fountain is right beside the picnic table area.

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