Monseigneur Guy-Bélanger Park

Well, that was bizarre There are good new-ish products here, some older but still good things, and some broken and archaic stuff.

The good! There’s an adorable and colourful toddler climber that has low pods to climb and balance on, a mini slide, and small ladders to climb. It’s like a perfect little obstacle course for beginner adventurers! Nearby is a big cable climber, and another play structure with stairs, slides, ladders, a steering wheel, and a ground-level play table. 

The good-ish includes a whole lot of adult and baby swings, but they aren’t on any kind of safety surfacing, so I wouldn’t use them when the ground is hard. On the other side of the park is what looks like what used to be the original playground equipment. There’s a broken hang-on seesaw type thing, a couple of spring riders that have the metal bases showing, monkey bars, and an olllllld twirly slide. The sand here is all overgrown, and probably won’t provide much protection in case of falls. 

The rest of the park has a drinking fountain, tennis court, a chalet that wasn’t open, and a covered wooden picnic table. 

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