Roger-Levert Park

This park was redone a few years ago and has a whole bunch of cute toddler products scattered around.
There’s the colourful GameTime play structure with its dragonfly climber, stairs, a rock wall, slides, ladders, and a ground-level steering wheel. Nearby are some spring riders, Jambette’s little submarine critter (have fun wedging yourself inside!), a small cable climber, a saucer swing, and a stand-alone mini slide with stairs. 
And there’s more!
Kids can ride the seesaw; use the adult, baby, or Expression tandem swing. 

This was a cute park, that could entertain a lot of little kids. We were there on a totally overcast day, but when it’s sunny there is probably zero shade over the play areas. And I’d like to see is the weeds that all over the sand cleaned up, as they make this newish park look old. 

Things to note:
-The park is fully fenced, but there are a few gates.
-Everything is on sand.
-There are picnic tables and a porta-potty(!) under some trees, which is where there will also be the only shade. 
-The park opens onto the giant-looking “Zone de préservation” which I couldn’t find much information for besides this page from Ressources naturelles Canada. 
-The large empty space beside the playground holds the winter skating rink. It’s rather…unsightly during the summer. 

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