Saint-Zotique, Quebec – Desjardins-du-Millénaire Park

Saint-Zotique first came on my radar because they were one of the first municipalities to install the amazing Expression parent-child swing in their parks.
So I’d been meaning to come by and see them, and also because this area of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Region is really, really pretty. Last year we visited the Coteau-du-Lac Historical Site, with a detour through Les Coteaux, and it was such a relaxing day. 

Well, that’s enough back story!

After hearing that Saint-Zotique had recently inaugurated a new accessible playground (thank you Mélanie!), I knew I needed to come check it out. So, on an early morning return trip from the Lancaster area, we got off the highway at exit 9 (look at that Go-Kart racetrack!), and made the 3 minute drive down to the waterfront and to this park right behind the Caisse Desjardins.

This is quite the park. Besides the great playground which I’ll get to in a minute, there is also:
-A small splash pad that was already on at 9am
-An (unlocked) bathroom
-A terrain de pétanque
-A small basketball court
-Shaded picnic tables
-A shade structure over a small grassy area (for picnics)
-Beach volleyball
-Drinking fountain
-A take-a-book/leave-a-book house
-And the most comprehensive group of outdoor gym equipment we’ve seen (the kids’ favourite? The “wax on, wax off” arm exerciser 😉 )

And now, the playground. 
We LOVE seeing new products, and this playground is full of them. There’s the Little Tikes rocking pirate ship with its wheelchair ramp, the Omni Spin which can fit a whole whack of kids, the Landscape Structures Sensory Play Center (we love the marbles), and the AMAZING ZipKrooz® track ride with its adaptive swing. 
The boys were thrilled as they flew down the track, and the seat fit both my 4 and 9-year old. 
Also on the wood chip base are TWO Expression swings, and past a couple of trees is what I assume was the original playground with an older play structure, a spring rider, and some swings.

It’s great seeing these accessible and inclusive playgrounds being built where kids of all abilities can play. Now if only Montreal would get with the program…..

Things to note:
-There’s a parking lot right behind the Caisse Desjardins
-There is NO shade over the playground or exercise areas, though there are some trees nearby. 

Desjardins-du-Millénaire – Saint-Zotique from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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