Stayner Park

EDITED: This playground is being renovated and should be completed for Fall 2018.

We’ve visited this park a few times, but it’s VERY popular with local daycares and we’ve never been able to take any pictures, and I’d kind of given up.
So, many, many thanks to Kay who snapped all the attached playground photos when the park was quiet!

This is cute little park, complete with two play structures, spring riders, the GameTime Fire Engine Climber, a weird blue swing thing that we’ve never been able to figure out, a colourful seesaw, chin-up bars, and an odd medley of swings.

Toddlers should enjoy both climbers as there are easy-to-get-up staircases for both, lots of slides, bridges (I always love those wooden bridges 🙂 ), metal rungs, ground level seats, “boulders” to scale, and a wall of gizmos. 
In the surrounding wood chips are the spring riders, old swings, and the various ride-on doodads. And yes, though it’s not red, it’s supposed to be a fire engine!
The playground is fenced and gated on three sides, but is open to the mini-mini splash pad, the basketball court, and the tennis courts. 

Bonus: The large mature trees give some good shade during sunny days. 
p.s. I’d like, 90% sure I saw something about the splash pad here being redone, but I can’t find it anymore. So…maybe not. 

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