15 Days of Favourite “Kid” things – Part 4

image from Freja Toys

Day 4:

This one’s for babies. Or Moms. Nursing necklaces from Freja Toys on Etsy. I found these a few years ago, probably while I was feeding the baby and scrolling one-handed on the laptop perched precariously beside the couch. 

Handmade in Ukraine, they are meant to be worn so that your baby has something to focus on (you know, besides your boob) while they’re nursing.
I bought one, but it was so pretty I was like “NO TOUCHING!”
I’ve since bought three more and they’re so unique and colourful that they’re probably the jewelry for which I get the most compliments.
And if you’re not obsessive and neurotic like me and DO let your baby pull on them, doesn’t matter.
They’re tied with a ribbon so you won’t see beads falling to the floor, or hear the sound of a delicate chain snapping. 
And while they are NOT meant for babies to wear, they’d make cute gifts for older girls (I think. I don’t have girls so it’s always a bit of a mystery what they like!)

Ooooooo, there’s a sale section. Uh Oh.
She’s also got adorable crochet toys and teethers.

There are lots of other nursing necklaces on Etsy, check out these silicones ones from BabesNBabies. So purty!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.14.40 AM

Photo from Freja Toys

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