Casselman, Ontario – Ottawa Hydro Park

You never know when you might find yourself in the town of Casselman. Perhaps you’re going to get some beer at Cassel Brewery? Or dropping your mom off at physio like we did 😉
Or driving to Ottawa and need a pit stop off the 417….

Anyhoo, there are a couple of playgrounds in the town (will post the other one we visited), and though it doesn’t show up on Google Maps, the park is located at the corners of Laval and Joliette Streets.

You’ll find a fully fenced (but not gated) park with quite a lot of equipment for both toddlers and older kids. My little one LOVES the Dino-Bubble “submarine” from Jambette, of which we’ve seen a few variations of around Montreal, and we both scurried inside while it rained for a bit. Or rather, he scurried and I tried to fold myself in half to fit through the door. 

Once it cleared, we tried out the small Moskito rope climber, and the various spring riders. There’s also a large play structure with slides, ladders, climbing walls, and monkey bars. 

Interesting thing here is that the two baby and two big swings are on a shredded tire base, which is part of a grant program through the Ontario Tire Stewardship. Makes for a nice springy base!

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