15 Days of Favourite “Kid” things – Part 3

My favourite things: Day 3

The 3 in 1 Trimini by Quebec company Glup. Hat, neck warmer, or balaclava. Not to be confused with Baklava. 
Glup was founded in 2008 by two moms (and sisters!) and they have all kinds of cute and innovative baby/toddler products.

The Trimini features in MANY of our spring and fall photos because:
1. He likes it.
2. I like it.
3. He looks like an elf in it, and that’s cute. “Wook at me, I’m a elf!”
4. It stays on.

It’s the perfect combination of soft/stretchy material (woven in Montreal!), and covers his head and ears perfectly. I was so paranoid that he would outgrow last year’s and not have one for this fall, that I raced to the little boutique where I’d bought it and grabbed their last one in stock. 

I find that they’re made quite big, as he just turned three and the 0-12 months hat still fits! The 12-24 months is too big still (it fits the 7-year old really well!), but yeah, now I have one for next year 🙂
The hat is so comfy that I tried it on while writing this, and then kept it on for about 5 hours. Either my head is the size of a 24 month old, or they have a lot of stretch 😉

The company says to hand wash and dry flat, but I throw it in the washing machine and it still looks great after 2 years of wear. 
p.s. You’re supposed to tuck in the little tie loop, but for some reason I’ve always left it out.


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