15 Days of Favourite “Kid” things – Part 2

Part 2 of my favourite stuff. 

The Nose Frida. Ok, now seriously this might be the most simple yet GENIUS invention ever. Why can’t I ever think of something like this?
When our first child was born I automatically bought one of those bulb things because apparently every well-stocked baby nursery is “supposed” to have one. And they suck. 
But not literally.
(That might be my best pun ever!)

And have you ever seen a photo of the inside of one of the bulbs after it’s been used. Google it. I dare you.
And yes, yes, you could clean it properly, but they still suck.

Enter the Nose Frida.
It sounds gross (you’re sucking boogies out of your infant/toddlers’ nose), but it’s not. Use the included filters or just stuff a tiny piece of tissue in the filter part and you’re safe from any blech-y stuff.
It’s just about as efficient as the hospital’s wall mounted suction hose. And mine had that used a lot, so I know!

It’s stupid easy to use, and easy to clean. And it works. Tada! And because Sharing is Caring, you should totally take a picture of what came out of your little bundle of love, and send it off to your significant other with the caption “Look what came out of your child!”
It’s awesome, horrific, and altogether satisfying. You’ll feel like a rockstar.
*Of course read the instructions, and don’t go bananas with this thing and OVERuse it. A little saline solution first can help or soothe tired little noses. 

As an aside, I never thought I’d be excited about something related to phlegm. Also, why are kids so yucky?
And here’s a handy dandy video (that’s not me btw)

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