15 Days of Favourite “Kid” things – Part 1!

Part 1 in my series entitled “Things I really like, or my kids really like, or thought I wouldn’t like (but love), and things I wish I’d known about with baby number one” 
(Shortened down to “15 Days of Favourite “Kids” things”.)

MUSIC! We listen to a lot of music, both at home and driving around (to parks, of course). I’ve developed a love (well, like) for AC/DC because of my 7-year old, and I was pretty relieved the other day when he said “This is great!” when CCR came on the radio. Kids’ music, especially that aimed at toddlers can be…..repetitious and awful, especially when they want to hear it over and over and over……
So I was pretty grateful when my geek husband stumbled across music for children by the band They Might be Giants, and showed our then little family of three.
“They sing the theme song from Malcolm in the Middle!”
The music and lyrics were a welcome change from Songs with Elmo, and The Little People CD, and we all got the melodies stuck in our heads (in a good way). 

Their first children’s album No! was released in 2002 and since then they’ve also released Here Come the ABCs, Here Come the 123s, Here Comes Science, and are working on Why?

Some of our favourites (with videos!) include “Pirate Girls Nine” and “One Dozen Monkeys“. And whenever we come across dinosaurs at a park, we always break into “I am a Paleontologist

You can check out their Youtube channel and watch their (hilarious I think) podcasts, or just buy the albums!

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