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I usually give a description of the playground first, followed by the splash pad (if there’s one). But I’m pretty sure no one is here to read about the toddler park 😉
Soooooo, Pointe-Claire’s long-awaited splash pad is now OPEN.

There are many, many cool features at this water feature including an accessible washroom, changing rooms, drinking fountains, an accessible picnic table, a funky wooden decorative structure with benches, a large shade structure which is great for the visiting schools and daycares, water zones for various ages, a MASSIVE wheel o’ water, and in-ground lighting!!!
A project by Soucy Aquatik, the splash pad products are from Pointe-Claire’s own Vortex Aquatic Structures with a funky painted floor by Tennis Mapa.
The different areas ensure that toddlers as well as older kids can experience and enjoy the splash pad. My little one LOVED the pirate ship wheel, the gentle crab and fish sprayers, and sang as he crouched under the water bell.
There are ground jets to dance through, a ship’s bow and a sail to turn, angelfish and seaweed sprayers. Older kids will go nutty for the Superwave with its giant wheel of water. Wait for it…wait for it…..Ahhhhh!
There are various sensors for the different areas, including some on the ground (they’re silver and beep), so be sure to press them all.

Surrounding the water area are benches, tons of picnic tables (one accessible), a new-in-2018 shade structure, and just steps away is the washroom and changing rooms. 
Note that the splash pad has fencing along the road, but is open to the rest of the park and to the soccer fields. 

Valois Park – Pointe-Claire from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

And now, The playground!
This is a VERY busy park in the heart of the Valois community and is located just across the street from St. John Fisher Junior school.
The playground consists of a fully-fenced and gated toddler area on sand, and a big-kid area with cedar chip base. 
On the toddler side there’s an easy to climb structure with stairs, slides, a metal ladder, dirty bubble window, and a ground-level ledge. 
On the other side of the playground is the cutest “stage” with seats for three littles (or six if they realllllly squish) and both big and little kids can trace the alphabet and numbers on the walls, or take turns putting on a show. I have been the mesmerized audience for many theatre productions.:)
There is also a 4-kid balancer/teeter-totter, a sand shovel, and a ride-on….triceratops? Rhino? It’s up for debate. There are also four baby swings, and closer to the climber are two “mom-butt pinching” big swings.
There is good shade in the morning or afternoon thanks to the trees planted in the middle of the play area. 

The big-kid section has a large climber with stairs, but is really geared towards older kids with its high monkey bars and tall slide. There’s also a big spiderweb rope climber on felt carpeted base (not my favourite), adult swings, and a new-in-2018 adaptive swing with a nearby ramp into the wood chips.

Things to note:
Hours of operation for the splash pad are 9am-9pm daily.
-This park is VERY busy. Many daycares come to use the splash pad, there are day camps nearby, and soccer in the evenings. 
-There’s lots of room to run, or fly a kite when the soccer fields are empty, and the south side of the park near the pool would be great for picnics.
-The large park also has another newly-renovated chalet with bathrooms, tennis courts and a basketball court, a renovated softball field, and the community pool (members only).
-Street parking is available on Belmont directly in front of the playground and splash pad, or during the summer you can use the school’s parking lot. 
-Near the southern-most entrance to the park  is Laviolette Convenience Food Stores (or The Dep), and my all-time favourite small deli/café Le Den. So, so good and kid-friendly. Try the Hong Kong breakfast or their freshly made flax bread. Or the gingerbread men. Or their smoothies. Or…..well, you get the picture.


  • Nicole Beauvais says:

    Il y a des coûts pour aller à ce parc et faut-il être résident de Pointe-Claire pour y avoir accès


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