Jean-Martucci Park

Just across the street from the Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard and the wooded Parc-du-Boisé-de-Saint-Sulpice, you’ll find the grassy parc Jean-Martucci. 

There’s plenty of room here to run around, an ok playground, the Saint-Sulpice Community Garden, and a baseball diamond. 

Set down a little slope, the playground is rather dated, though there is a new Kompan pay structure for older kids with bars and ropes to climb and corkscrew spinners. Nearby is a stand-up spinner, a balance board and adult swings. 
Steps away you’ll find the toddler play structure with stairs and ladders, a crawl tunnel, and different slides. In the surrounding sand is one lonely metal spring rider and four baby swings. 

C’est tout!

Things to note:
-There is no fencing around the playground.
-The playground is partly on wood chips, while the toddler area is sand. 
-We visited in early, early spring. While there weren’t yet leaves on the trees, there are mature trees throughout the park, though the playground itself will be in full sun. 
-Parking is rather a pain, read the signs carefully.

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