Marcelin-Wilson Park Part 2

This park is so huge that it’s got TWO playgrounds, which are not even really within walking distance of each other. 
We visited one of the newly renovated playgrounds last year (you can see it HERE), and came back in early 2018 to see the larger playground, which was also partly redone. 
On the corner of Acadie and Dudemaine you’ll find a large playground, ping pong tables and lounge chairs, a forested area, as well as the outdoor pool complex with a pool, wading pool, and splash pad. Further down the road you’ll also find:
baseball, basketball, bocce/pétanque, a skatepark, soccer and tennis.

The playground here is really quite lovely and large. It was recently renovated and includes new equipment, paths, and seating; while in a great move they retained the two play structures that were installed in 2001.

Some of the new items include baby swings, the amazing GameTime Expression parent-baby swing, adult swings, a stand-up spinner, and a rope saucer swing. There two older play structures are still great and have been accented with new vine climbers, and fantastic musical elements like bongos and chimes. Both climbers are easy to access, with wide platforms to reach the different slides. Lots of fun for kids of all ages.
You’ll also find a toy-sharing bin near the playground. The sticker with instructions on how to access the box box was scratched off, but may be replaced now. 

The equipment – especially the swings – are quite spread out in their own little sections, so it may be hard to watch children in different areas. There is also no fencing.

Things to note:
-Because the splash pad at this park is within the outdoor pool complex, it has a limited schedule and hours compared to others which are wide open. You can check the schedule HERE
-Street parking is available along Dudemaine. Which is also a fun street name to say. Dudemaine. 
-We obviously visited before the trees were in bloom, but there should be some shade over the two main play structures as there are many mature trees nearby. The swings are probably in full sun.
-There is plenty of seating near the playgrounds including benches, picnic tables, as well as a wheelchair-accessible table (that you do have to go through the grass/dirt to get to…)

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