Monty Park

I don’t know if you’re going to play here unless you live in one of the surrounding apartments, but this is quite a nice little hidden playground with colourful and shiny play structures, spots to picnic, AND a small splash pad.

This playground has two great play structures, two banks of swings, and not-so-scary seesaws. The larger climber has ladders and cable climbers, a rock climbing wall and twirly slide. There are adult swings just beside as well as picnic tables and benches. Nearby are a couple more adult swings, two baby swings, and the seesaws. 
Cross the path and there’s the bright toddler climber with great stairs, a wide slide, corkscrew ladder and double slide. Quite easy for kids of all ages to access because of the friendly stairs.

We were way too early in the season to see the splash pad in action, but there are two spraying critters, a misty ring to run through, and a tall palm to dance under. There are benches and a picnic table right near the water area.

There’s also plenty of grass to run through, and mature trees to sit under (when it’s less muddy and greener out.)

Things to note:
-The park is partially fenced, just because it’s in the sheltered space between buildings. 
-The splash pad water is on from 10am-8pm. You can can read more HERE.
-The splash pad is also separately fenced, but there is no gate.
-The sketchy chalet was completely locked, scary looking, and had no posted opening hours. Good luck with that. 

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