James Darby Park (Brossard)

This park is eye-catching.
Driving up I wasn’t sure what the giant lime green posts were, but they sure were striking!
Upon closer inspection, they’re painted telephone poles. Brilliant. Recycled, reused, and a total focal point of this park.
I only wish that we’d waited longer in the season to visit as there still weren’t buds on the trees, and the splash pad wasn’t yet on 🙁

But, it is what it is, and we’re basically never out this way, so we seized the opportunity to play!

This park was completely redone in 2016 and had its inauguration just last spring. There’s the new pétanque and basketball courts (with cool “leaning” rest things, you can see in the image gallery), all new park furnishings including the colourful red lounge chairs ringing the splash pad, a beautiful water area, and of course two new playgrounds.
The nature/flower theme runs throughout and is showcased in the Waterplay Solutions splash pad with its tall blooms and grasses, bubbling stones, and tipping Dew Drop. Sit back and relax on the “beach” as the kids dance around in the water, or, join them!

The GameTime equipment is divided into two areas. Older kids who like climbing will enjoy the challenge of the IONiX play system with its non-traditional climbers and slides. Beside are four adult swings that were too small for my adult-sized butt. 

The toddler climber is adorable and has stairs, ground-level ledges, a custom finger maze panel, and various slides and ladders. In the wood chips are a watering can spring rider, and two baby swings (which doesn’t seem like enough.)

It’s nice when we find a park where we all have equipment we enjoy, where it’s aesthetically beautiful, and makes great use of the space!

Things to note:
-The city posts the splash pad hours as 7am-9pm. You can find what’s open and closed for the season HERE
-There IS a bathroom! The little odd-looking concrete building houses a teensy-tiny bathroom, and was even unlocked when we were there in early May!
-There is no fencing at all around the park or play areas, and some equipment is quite near the road.
-Both play areas are on wood chips. 

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