Saint-Joseph-Artisan Park

Newly redone and opened in late summer of 2017, this colourful music-themed playground is accessible and inclusive, making it a great space for kids of all abilities.
A project by Tessier Récréo-Parc, the playground features GameTime equipment, with a super cute splash pad from Waterplay Solutions.
I came across news of the renovation last year and knew that it would be one we’d take a looooong drive to see. Because it’s so rare to find parks like this in Montreal, we have to travel far and wide to search them out!
We see a LOT of playgrounds, and they’re very, very rarely wheelchair accessible, and if they are, there isn’t necessarily anything within reach to play with. Not so at this park!
The wide ramp with handrails gives access to multiple engaging and stimulative play panels, a seated-height steering wheel and talk tube, and a double slide with transfer spots. The same structure also has all sorts of ladders to reach the higher slide. It’s colourful and fun for all kids and ages. 

The smaller structure has easy-to-climb wide stairs up to an itty-bitty double slide, or crawl up the unique Sensory Wave Climber with its hand grips and interactive play. There are also rocks and pods to hop across, and a toddlers-only table. No really, “Mama, this is for kids ONLY!”
Nearby you’ll find the Sensory Wave Spinning Seat with a 5-point harness. I was excited to see this as I’ve only read about it online and in catalogues. Then there’s the “cours de musique” station with ganza, bongos, and a little bench for a rest.
The rest of the equipment is a bank of swings which includes two baby and two adult swings, an adaptive swing with harness, and my favourite: the tandem Expression Swing

Close to the playground is the small splash pad which carries over the musical theme. There’s the tall jazz-playing “Dizzy”, misting arches, rotating Magnif-Eye, and tall sprayers to excite young waterplayers. Press the button beside “action” to start the water sequence.

One omission that I noticed while playing here: While the curb is cut out at the base of the play structure ramp, and has a seamless way up for wheelchairs or walkers, the rest of the equipment is set down in the wood chips without any access spot. As in, there is a high concrete curb the whole way around.
As I’ve heard from a couple of parents “if you have to lift up your child and their wheelchair or equipment to get into and out of the play area, you’re already exhausted before you start playing.” And pushing through wood chips isn’t all that easy either.

It’s too bad that the day we visited was overcast and gloomy, because the pictures aren’t all that pretty, but the cheeriness of the play equipment put a smile on our faces anyways.

Things to note:
-The splash pad hours are from 9am-8pm from mid-May to the last weekend in September. More info HERE
-There is no shade over the playground or splash pad.
-No fencing though the play and water areas are in quite far from the road.
-A porta-potty, which is unfortunately not wheelchair-accessible, is located near the road on Rue Meloche. There is also a chalet, but it wasn’t open and didn’t indicate if there are any washrooms inside.
-Street parking is available right in front and around the park. Watch out as this is also a school zone. SLOW DOWN!
-You can read more about the playground renovations HERE

parc Saint-Joseph-Artisan – Ville de Salaberry-de-Valleyfield from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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