Médéric-Martin Park

This park is huge! Or maybe not huge, but very loooooong.
At the upper end you’ll find a gorgeous walkway lined with benches and mature trees and interesting sculptures and art, nearish the middle is a shiny wading pool and bathrooms; just beside is the playground; cross Rue de Rouen and you’ll find a community garden, greenspace, and an outdoor fitness circuit.

We started at the playground (naturally) and found it a nice spot where both kids could play together without my head swivelling like at a tennis match. The fully fenced and gated play area has play structures for toddlers and big kids, a rope climber, four baby and four adult swings. The toddler structure is easy to climb, and also has ground-level activities for the littlest. 
Within the fencing are benches and quite a few picnic tables. 
The playground butts up against the fairly new wading pool, which was being prepped for the season when we visited. You’ll find bathrooms here and I’ve put the link below for the hours of operation of the pool.

Travel across the street, past the tennis courts and garden, and the Trekfit outdoor gym is near the bottom of the park. There’s also the curious and interesting GIANT hand mixer sculpture. 

Things to note:
-The playground is fully fenced AND gated, but there are quite a few gates, so don’t count on them all being closed.
-The playground is all on wood chips.
-If you’re a nearby resident and want to stay up to date on the events going on in the park, you should check out THIS PAGE.
-The wading pool hours can be found HERE.
-City-run activities including yoga, zumba, and the communal toy box can be found HERE (though it has yet to be updated for 2018)

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