Williamstown, Ontario – Paul Rozon Memorial Park

The boys and I were puttering around southeastern Ontario, wandering through the little towns, and searching for the splash pad I’d heard rumours about. 
Thinking it was in Lancaster at Smithfield Park (it wasn’t), and with the county website getting us nowhere, I called my mom (Hi mom!) to do an internet search and get us some directions. Turns out the new park and splash pad are in the picturesque historic village of Williamstown.

Just a short drive from Lancaster we found this brand new playground and splash pad, and for such a small town (actually, even for a big town!), both new features are great.

Right on County Road 17, you’ll find a small parking lot, and just past the hockey/ball hockey rink is the sparkling new splash pad, with the large play structure and a mini bus just beside. 
We were the only ones there (though a day camp arrived later), so the 7-year old played in the water, up on the climber, and into the metal bus. Then repeated that circuit 19 times 😉
The little guy was a bit wary of the water as there are a LOT of jets, sprays, and fountains (love the cat tail column!), so he happily stayed on the bus while the older one ran about. 
The splash pad with equipment by Nirbo, has the super cute Candy Blaster and the Double Axis Blasters to aim at your friends (or your brother!). The are also rainbow rings to run through and lots and lots of inground sprays. 

The new climber has all sorts of ways to get up: rope spiderweb, metal rungs, a small climbing wall, and ladders, but there are no stairs which made it difficult for the 2.5 year old to get up to access the slides. But whatever, he was just obsessed with Blue Imp’s bus AND he liked the ground level “farmers’ market” window under the climber. He sold me seven coffees and a smoothie 😉
We played on the big and baby swings, sat under the big tree, and then ran around the large field. 
I then saw the beautiful old cemetery next door, and the boys were curious so we quietly walked around the tombstones while I Oooo-ed and Aaaaaaa-hd at one of the prettiest churches I’ve ever seen. 

We had a look at the river across the street and then sauntered back to the car. 

Special Note; After coming home and trying to find out more about the park, I came across THIS ARTICLE. Finny’s Wiggly and Wet Fun Pad is a beautiful and touching tribute from his family and town for a son lost too soon. I write this with a lump in my throat and with gratitude that I got to watch my boys enjoying their hard work. 

We’ll be back this coming weekend for The Williamstown Fair (Canada’s oldest annual fair), and will try and have a look at the Nor’Westers and Loyalist Museum and the Sir John Johnson House National Historic Site, which is one of the oldest surviving buildings in Ontario.  Amazing to see all this history!

Williamstown, Ontario – Paul Rozon Park and Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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  • Natacha Wattie-Closs says:

    This park was dedicated to one of the greatest men I have ever known, my Papa. And he would be so happy knowing kids are playing and having fun and laughing and making memories there.

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