Willibrord Park

This is a neat park with big-kid and toddler areas on a rubber base, a whole whack of swings (on sand), and….a splash pad!

It is mostly fenced but with big wide open parts to the very busy street. We played in the interesting big climber from GameTime, that isn’t so much a climber as it is a collection of challenging elements. There are monkey bars and rings, a hard to get to slide, big round plastic rings to climb and sit in, a stand-up Helix spinner, a not-a-slide™, and a well-worn rope spiderweb. It’s much more for big kids, as the only thing my toddler could do was climb the lowest ring and get into the bottom of the spider web. 
Both kids enjoyed the metal pyramid spinner, until one flew off onto his face. 
Picking himself up “I’m fine!”, we went and checked out the toddler climber which is just on the other side of the central splash pad area. 

This climber (also from GameTime) has some interesting things BUT there are no stairs for the smallest explorers. And while it’s on a rubber base there is a LOT of sand from the adjoining swing area. The play structure has metal rungs to climb, a short Clover Leaf Climber, rock climbing wall, and to get from one platform to the other is a (high) Cosmix wall with foot and hand holds. Not the most toddler-friendly toddler climber in terms of accessibility. 
There are also a couple of slides, a wall of Gizmos to spin and turn, and at ground-level are little stools and bongos.

It was a pretty windy day and the spray from the splash pad made a lot of the play structure wet and slippery, and the slide was fairly unusable (for dry kids 😉 )
There are benches and picnic tables scattered around, and big and baby swings in the sand area. There is next to no shade.

The splash pad by Pointe-Claire based Vortex has some very high jets from the ground, buckets that dump, a high-in-the-air water spinner and jets that shoot. The water spray is all quite hard. My toddler seemed aghast at the water pressure but quite enjoyed the “magic button” that beeps!

Note: This park is part of the Livres dans la rue program for 5-12 year olds in the summer. Wednesdays from 5-6:30pm

Verdun – Willibrord Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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