Harris Park

This is one of our most recent favourites. It’s got all the elements we like: A fully fenced and gated splash pad with water that is on early, a fenced and gated playground with awesome and creative play structures (pirates!), and shade!

We arrived around 9am on a weekday and the water for the splash pad was already turned on. The kids were so excited about the big whale (who shoots water from his blowhole), and the rest of the sprays and tunnels from WaterPlay Solutions were not too scary for my 2.5 year old. Strangely, the water seemed to be on a really short timer, or else the sequencing or water pressure is slightly off. All the nozzles and sprayers including the I-Spy Storm tornado tube, Ogo and Pogo (the cute, tall dragon creature!) were working except for one sprayer, and the pressure was very low. Didn’t make a difference to my kids though, and I think they even preferred it! There are (dry) benches within the fencing and the gate actually latches, making it a very secure and safe environment for little ones. AND, there was some shade over the splash pad! Different, as they’re usually in full sun. 

Just across the path is the gate to the large playground. 
The two sections (both on sand) are separated in the middle by a flat grassy area, and while there are trees ringing the perimeter of the park, the middle is wide open so you can easily see both sections. There are lots of benches around, and some good shade over parts of the toddler and big-kid areas. 
All the climbers and play equipment are EXCELLENT. Like, some of my favourites that we’ve seen. And just about everything, including the big climber was accessible for the little guy. Love it!

We started off in the toddler section because both kids bee-lined for the PIRATE SHIP from Kompan! It’s really, really fun. Our game consisted of all three of us as pirates (Mary Poppins (me), Blackbeard (the 7 year old), and Cubby (the 2.5 year old )) and we had to avoid getting eaten by the sharks patrolling the waters surrounding us. We climbed the stairs to the second storey, checked the compass, flew down the slide, ran under the boat to the benches and hammock, and then stood at the bow and searched for whales. And then repeated that sequence 27,000 times. There are little surprises all over the “boat” like the binoculars, the moving levers and dials at ground level, flags and even a bullhorn to shout out orders.

Just beside the ship are some spring riders, with a shark naturally!

We then ran to the NEXT climber which is Kompan’s Ocean/Jungle themed climber and is also super creative and colourful. There are stairs leading up to the small slide, a rope wall to cross, a rock climbing wall, things to spin, places to sit, ropes to pull……So much fun. Not all of it is climb-able for a 2 year old, but there is enough to do underneath that they won’t be bored.

THEN, there is a ground level sand table type thing that we turned into a restaurant: “Five coffees please! And bacon.”
Again there are lots of things to touch and turn.
There are a bunch of baby swings, but there was no time! We had to RUN across the grass to the next play structure!

Luckily we made it with all limbs intact and raced up the little stepping stones to the wide platform stairs and up to the double slide. We paused the game to put on a puppet show and then tried out the shark and dolphin-themed giant seesaw and climbed up the (steep) stand-alone twirly slide. 
(There are also big-kid swings over here, but we ignored them 😉 )
I was exhausted, but the kids wanted to go back in the water so we trotted back across the path, paused for a drink in the water fountain, and splashed around some more. 

This was a great park and we all LOVED seeing some new play structures 🙂

The splash pad is on from 8:30am-9pm everyday until the end of August. 

Saint-Laurent – Harris Park from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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