Gohier Park

Five minutes after arriving my 7-year old said “Mommy, when you go on TV again can you say this is one of our favourites?”

Awww, he’s so cute. 

This IS a great park. The playground area is all on sand and is fully fenced AND gated. It’s one big space, though divided into a big-kid and toddler section. The climbers and equipment here are intense and there is a lot to keep everyone occupied.
The rope obstacle course from Berliner will be challenging for older kids and has every kind of way to climb you can think of. Both kids had a race, the little one cheated, and his big brother still won!

The large climber from GameTime has stairs leading up to the twirly slide, leaf vine climbers, a wiggly slide that you can go up OR down, and two reallllly high slides that I wasn’t brave enough to get to. (Those high in the air steps do me in Every. Time.)
There are also all sorts of creative ladders and steps, rope “cages”, monkey bars, a stand-up spinner, and even ground-level BONGOS!
In this area you’ll also find big swings and a stand alone Mobius 3-panel climber from Landscape Structures. 

Then, toddle over to the smaller climber from GO-ELAN. There are stairs, plastic rock wall, tunnels, dinosaur tic-tac-toe, a ground level “restaurant” (I got five coffees and paid in twigs), footholds to climb and a bunch of slides. Fun and easy for little ones. You’ll also see a bunch of baby swings (the flat ones I used to hate but now appreciate), and a “mommy, MOMMY! Turn us!” Berliner rope spinner. 
Within the fenced playground are a few picnic tables and there was some decent shade around the edges while we were there from 8-10am on a super hot and sunny day. 

The minimalist splash pad is NOT fenced and is fairly close to the road with about four picnic tables surrounding it. Right behind the water area is a chalet with bathrooms that were open. Hooray!
The splash pad is on from 8:30am-9pm everyday until the end of August. 

Fun note: My mom messaged me after reading this post and said “When we were first married we lived right across from that park on rue Beaudet.”!

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Fenced toddler park
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