Julia-Drummond Park

There was shockingly NO traffic on our way to our dentist appointment downtown, so we were wandering around with nothing to do. Just south of The Bell Centre we found this little park off of Saint-Jacques.

And we loved it! It was like a little oasis before you get to the craziness of downtown. 

Super-duper toddler friendly, well-designed, and with a small water play area, fully fenced AND gated and a drinking fountain. And shade. AND an cute toddler climber. 

The toddler climber by Kompan is creative, colourful and fun, and I wish he’d had more time before our appointment because we were pretty bummed to have to leave. 
So we made the most of our time and played with frenzy!
The Gym 2 structure has wide and easy to climb (or even crawl up) stairs. There are wheels to spin, binoculars to look through, bumpy walls to touch, a megaphone in which to yell at the highrise window washers next door, rope walls to try and scale, a small hammock seat, ground level sand table, a mini rock climbing wall, slides……phew! Keep looking around and you’ll find more stuff all over.

There is also the three-person Blazer seesaw, and a stand or sit spinner. We were really happy to find that the park seemed to come already equipped with a whack of sand toys. Either the park is often used by the same daycare and they just leave their stuff there, or something forgot a lot of toys. Like, a LOT. 

Just out of the sand area is a little water fountain feature. This is either decorative OR actually meant for little people to stand it and get cooled off. The floor of it is paved and seems like maybe it IS a mini, mini, mini wading spot. Use your own judgement!

And then we had to scoot to make it to the dentist.

And NEW since fall 2017 is the cute little colourful splash pad by Vortex with tall sprayers, and a cute little snail.

Things to note:
-The playground is fully fenced and gated.
-This is really a toddler park.
-The splash pad hours are not marked on the city’s website, but should be on during the normal 9-9 period. There is no fencing around the splash pad and it is quite close to the road. 
-The park is tiny so there are no swings at all.
-Parking is awful as there are a million DON’T PARK HERE! signs all over. 
-Check HERE for different events put on by Les Résidents Victor Hugo/Lucien L’Allier and happening at the park throughout the year including a Sugar Shack, Family Day etc.

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  • Z says:

    Thanks so much for this webpage! I just moved to Montreal and we’re staying next the the bell centre. I had looked everywhere for a playpark for my 2 year old near me and had almost gave up until I found your page and today I brought him to the Julia Drummond park it’s very close to my apartment! This will be our new regular spot so thanks so much!

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