Monseigneur-J.-A.-Richard Park

There’s an ice cream shop IN THE PARK!
This should be mandatory in all public places. Actually…maybe not, as it’s rather dangerous for the wallet!
This is a neat park in an interesting location along the water. We parked on 6th Avenue and walked across the street, past the splash pad (more later), and across the wavy rubber path to the playground(s).
There are three different sections here; two on wood chips, and the toddler section on sand, and they’re all pretty much in full sun.
The big-kid climber from Landscape Structures, swings, and the biiiiiig spiderweb climber are together in one section. The climber has metal rungs, ladders, slides, and climbing walls, but no stairs. Both my kids ignored it and played on the other things. The 7-year old raced his dad to the top of the rope climber (I’m not sure who won), while the little one and I went to the other section and played on the newer Kompan equipment. There are spring riders, spinners, a “boat”, and a modern play structure that has ropes, a not-a-slide-slide (the kind with no sides), swinging steps, and ladders to climb.

Thennnnnn, there’s the toddler area. This is all on sand, and is mostly fenced, but some panels have been removed so it’s pretty open. 
There is an interesting rope & rubber bridge, baby swings, and a boat-shaped climber that….has no stairs. It’s a pretty toddler-unfriendly toddler climber. Poop.

We carefully crossed the riverside bike path and walked down the hill to the water. You can look at the fishing boats, walk across the pedestrian bridge, or play “troll under the bridge” like we did!
There’s the Crescendo Restaurant beside the playground and bike path and it looked to be very busy on a Sunday morning with lots of big family groups and kids. The smell was a-mazing. We were at the park pretty early so the ice cream shop wasn’t open yet but the 50% off everything from 5-10pm sounds pretty tempting!
There are bathrooms and drinking fountains in the same building as well as porta-potties (including one which is wheelchair accessible) near the splash pad. 
The splash pad is different from others we’ve seen. No spinning flowers or tunnels to run through. Rather, it’s all jets coming from the ground. They are in a sequence and turn on at 10am (we tried and tried beforehand and (tada!) at 10:01 they went on). It’s pretty near the road and has no shade except for one small tree. It would be fairly difficult if you’ve got one who wants to play in the water and one who wants to go in the park as they’re not all that close together.
If you’re not into the the playground or splash pad, you can walk for miles along the waterfront. TONS of picnic tables around the playground and near the ice cream, so pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery 🙂

Verdun – Monseigneur-J.-A.-Richard Park Splash Pad from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

This video is about Verdun – Monseigneur-J.-A.-Richard Park Splash Pad

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