Bédard Park

EDITED 2022: The playground has been completely renovated. New pics to come soon!

I’d heard so much about this park and splash pad last summer but never made it out.

So on an already-hot-at-8am day this week we packed our towels, bathing suits and sunscreen and hiked West. We loved driving past cows and horses on our way to the park and are now naming Saint-Lazare as the cutest place around! Even the Tim Horton’s was pretty.

Alas, we had no time for Iced Caps as we had splashing to do!

But then, he didn’t splash. Without his big brother’s encouragement, the little guy was having nothing to do with the water and toddled around the park as I contorted myself to get pictures and video. At least *I* got use out of the towels 😉 We were lucky to have the place to ourselves for almost the whole time as I think this is a verrrry popular summer destination.

The splash pad is quite roomy, and has some gentle sprays, high jets of water, a ring to run through, a little archway of water, a spinning top, and more. The ground is painted in a maze pattern so even when the water is not on, you can still wander around and have fun. It has an obvious “magic button” to turn on the water sequence and everything is on for just the right amount of time. It’s in full sun, but you could sit in the shade on the playground side.

The water area is right beside the playground, which is fenced up near the road and has a greenspace and forest on the other sides. It’s ringed by trees and there were benches and picnic tables scattered around with quite a few tables in the shade.

There’s a lot of equipment here and it’s a mixture of new and old. There’s an old-school metal climber and slide, a huge rope climber, from Quebec’s-own GO-ELAN is a small spider web wall with monkey rings, there are big and baby swings, a ground level tunnel, and a ride-on….bike? horse? car? I’ve no idea. We’ll call it a horse. It’s Saint-Lazare right? They like horses.
There’s also a tall play structure from GameTime that is accessible for toddlers and challenging enough for bigger kids. You can go up by the staircase, the ladder or metal rings and have a choice of five slides for coming down. I loved the little bridge. So cute.

We had a great time here and will for sure be back, but next time I’m bringing the 7-year old for backup and moral support!

Things to note:
-According to Saint-Lazare’s website the splash pad is on from 9am-9pm. 
-This park is also home to: Football/soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis courts, and a chalet with bathrooms (hours unknown)
-If the chalet is not open, there are also porta-potties.
-For winter fun, you can see some pictures on the city’s website of the small sledding hill and the skating oval. 
-Tons of activities happen here including the very popular Saint-Lazare Au Galop Festival
-The large parking lot can be accessed from Avenue Bédard and is right beside the tennis courts. 

Bedard Park – Saint-Lazare from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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