Bédard Park

Newly renovated, this large park in Saint-Lazare now boasts a ridiculously tall tower that both my big kids loved and found to be just the right amount of challenge. With a cool “rock” and “log” climbing walls, and then ropes to get up to the tunnel slide, it makes for some exciting play for older kids. 

But not to worry, younger kids not into heights have their own play structure with nice wide stairs, slides, and log climbers. 
Ground-level play includes the sensory-rich “Dynamics lab” that has lots to touch and turn. Unfortunately, when we visited soon after the playground opened 2/3 of the playthings were already broken 🙁

There’s also the super cute Mini City Truck with gears to shift and a steering wheel to whip around, a spring rider ladybug, and an interactive globe puzzle that is having some trouble with condensation (too sunny?). My kids also loved the big spinner where you can stand, sit, or run. 

The rest of the playground includes a rope climber, a new saucer (no pictures because a bunch of teens wouldn’t get off of it), adult, baby, and a tandem swing. 

Splash pad

The splash pad is quite roomy, and has some gentle sprays, high jets of water, a ring to run through, a little archway of water, a spinning top, and more. The ground is painted in a maze pattern so even when the water is not on, you can still wander around and have fun. Update: the splash pad surface is now plain concrete, but you can see the previous design in the video  from 2015 that I’ve included below. And, you can see the old playground!

The water area is right beside the playground, which is fenced up near the road and has a greenspace and forest on the other sides. It’s ringed by trees and there are benches and picnic tables scattered around with quite a few tables in the shade, including a couple of new ones made just for toddlers.

Things to note:
-According to Saint-Lazare’s website the splash pad is on from 7am-8pm. It has an obvious “magic button” to turn on the water sequence and everything is on for just the right amount of time. It’s in full sun, but you could sit in the shade on the playground side.
-This park is also home to: Football/soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis courts, and a chalet with bathrooms (hours unknown)
-If the chalet is not open, there are also porta-potties including one that’s wheelchair accessible. 
-For winter fun, you can see some pictures on the city’s website of the small sledding hill and the skating oval. 
-Tons of activities happen here including dance and music events, and activities throughout the year.
-The large parking lot can be accessed from Avenue Bédard and is right beside the tennis courts. 

Bedard Park – Saint-Lazare from StrollerMom on Vimeo.

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