Jasper Park (Candiac)

Grab the kids, hats, and sunscreen and set the GPS for Candiac because there’s a new park that’s worthy of a mini road trip.

Officially opened in September 2020, youngsters are invited to run, spin, climb, swing, and dance throughout the colourful ocean-themed playground and nearby splash pad. The revamped play space has areas targeted to a variety of ages and abilities, shady spots, and even tables with USB charging sockets if you need to get some work done while the kiddos play.

Included in the design are a giant turtle and whale that kids can climb and befriend,  play structures with stairs, slides, tunnels, and a bridge as well as ladders and rungs to clamour up or across. There’s also one of my favourite products: the Sensory Wave with its integrated activity panels to touch and turn. Look under and around because there are interactive games to play underneath and beside the raised platforms.

Both large play structures are on sand surfacing, as are the two adult swings and the tandem swing where parents, siblings, or caregivers can swing face-to-face with their baby or toddler.

Steps away on poured-in-place rubber surfacing is a super fun Merry-Go-All inclusive spinner with two integrated harnesses. My kids spun themselves using the central disc, tried it sitting and standing, and then spun me until I turned green and begged them to stop. “I’m goingggggg tooooooo puuuuuuke!” Those who love whirling around can also try out the nearby Sensory Seat and there’s a low-to-the-ground beam for testing out your balance.

While the splash pad elements remain the same as before, the area has been refreshed with paint, new landscaping and flowers, and cheery orange lounge chairs perfect for pretending you’re at the beach.

The renovation work also consisted of building a concrete sidewalk, installing lighting with USB charging sockets, painting, landscaping, and replacing the drinking fountain.

Seeing as how some of the playground is accessible to mobility devices while other sections are not, one thing I would love to have seen done differently is the addition of wood chips as surfacing rather than inaccessible sand.


  • The entire park is fully fenced but does not have gates at the two openings.
  • The splash pad water should be on from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Touch the hand imprint sensor to start the water sequences. It will turn off automatically.
  • The bathroom building was unlocked when we visited the park around 9 a.m. on a weekday and a crew was there emptying garbage cans.
  • There is shade around the perimeter of the park under mature trees and some grass for picnicking.
  • Street parking is available around the park but be careful to read any signs.
  • My husband said the park has great Pokéstops!

If you’re looking for more places in the area to play, just a few minutes away is the phenomenal Jason Park, and a walk along the Sentier de la Rivière-de-la-Tortue is a great way to de-stress.

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