Parc du Ruisseau-du-Pont-à-l’Avoine

All four of us were on this mini tour of some new parks in the area and all four of us agreed (what?) that this is one of the best small parks that we’ve seen.

While not large in size, the play space is nicely laid out with areas for toddlers and older kids, there is a shaded area with mature trees and picnic tables, and the equipment is delightfully creative and unique. In fact, we saw quite a few “new-to-us” products at this park. 

A definite highlight is the Kompan boat that while aimed at those 5 and under, delighted my 9-year old. Ok, and maybe me. “Land ho!” The play structure for the younger kids is very sweet, and parents can also play or hang out on the real wood benches that are placed near the action. Just beside are a couple of baby swings. 

Older kids can challenge themselves with the rope ladders of the bigger structure, spin on the…..uh….spinner things, and see how high they can get in the swings and saucer swing. 

Interestingly, both swing areas are on artificial grass which I was kind of surprised that I like! Makes it easy to maneuver, is clean-looking, and the rest of the park has an abundance of grass and native plants, so the “fake grass” doesn’t make the park seem static or too modern

And you might miss it, but right in the centre of the park is a completely unobtrusive splash pad. While there are only a few ground sprayers, it’s enough to cool off on a hot day. The water trickles down into the cute pond (don’t play in it) and is reminiscent of the Molson stream which once flowed through the space. 

Make sure to also check out the beautifully-carved bench, and the “tree trunk” that teaches about Montreal’s local fauna. 

Things to note:

  • The splash pad hours are every day from 9am to 9pm. Press the sensor to start the water sequence.
  • The playground has some low fencing but also has wide openings and no gates.
  • There is some shade over the picnic table area.
  • Street parking only.

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