Jason Park (Candiac)

My kiddos are way into climbing lately. The bigger and taller, the better.
57,000 feet in the air? Perfect.

So they were very pleased at this park to see the massive Berliner rope structure that brought out their inner ninjas as they climbed, raced, swung, and flipped from one end to the other. Then up through the rope tube, underneath, and back to the beginning. Bring a stopwatch and let them loose!
The park was renovated a couple of years ago (in two phases) and after the super-duper-cool rope climber was installed, a rock-climbing wall was added. My little one thoroughly enjoyed climbing the ladder up the concrete wall, coming back down the slide, and maneuvering his way along the hand and foot holds. 
(If you’ve got little ones with you, watch them at the top as it’s quite a drop.)
And weirdly, everyone was transfixed by the artificial grass at the top of the hill. Children are odd.

Follow the beautifully landscaped centre path to the colourful tree rings/benches and the toddler playground also has some fun and new equipment. There’s the super cute treehouse with a rope and wooden ladders, a tall slide with stairs, mini climbing walls, big and baby swings, and a low-to-the-ground seesaw. There’s some shade here, which makes up for the lack of shade (sort of) over the big-kid area.

It’s hard to miss it, but make sure to see the modern orange misters/splash pad near the chalet. Press the button on one of the posts to start the water sequence. 

Things to note:
-Street parking is available on one side of the street.
-The chalet bathrooms unlock automatically at 9am.
-Press the sensor button on one of the orange posts to turn on the water sequence. I searched all over the city’s website and fb page, but could find no mention of what time the water is turned on and off. I’d suspect it’s 9am. 
-There is NO shade over the entire big-kid play area, but there are trees nearby. 
-Tons of benches and picnic tables throughout the park give lots of seating or picnic options. 

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