du Petit Bonheur Park (Saint-Constant)

UPDATE June 30, 2022: The Zipline is currently out of order. I’ll update when I hear otherwise.

Come for the zipline, stay for the…uh, well, not the park.

Honestly, the playground here is just the pits, but the awesome zipline and the super cute splash pad make up for it. 
Inaugurated in 2017, the zipline is fantastic and my kids didn’t even glance at anything else here. I especially liked the easy to climb ramp up to the launch pad, and the zipline doesn’t have as much of a “kick” at the end like some others that we’ve tried. 

The splash pad is at the opposite corner of the park, near the street, and has triple water cannons, a great section with tall dripping flowers, ground jets, and a toddler-friendly water feature. 

Things to note:
-The splash pad is on from 8am-9pm. Press the sensor to turn on the water sequence.
-The bathroom is also open from 8am-9pm.
-The only shade available at the playground is under the shade structure by the splash pad. 
-The park is fenced along the road, but with open gates.
-There were lots of people biking through as the park connects to a large network of bike paths. 
-Street parking is on Rue Villeneuve.


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