Lancaster, Ontario – Smithfield Park

This playground is cute and original and there’s a boat AND a train!
AND it’s wheelchair accessible.
Really? Really.
Both the train, the boat, and the small toddler play structure are on a recycled rubber base meant to mimic land and water. 
There is a ramp leading up to the wooden boat and kids can look through the periscope, peer through the portholes or steer the ship!
There are also wooden stairs, a small climbing wall, a slide, a couple of drums to beat, and another steering wheel and periscope. 

Both kiddos LOVED the train. I loved how it was old-school wood with lots of room for both the conductor and passengers 🙂
We all took turns driving and then it was time to check out the plastic toddler equipment. It’s the cutest little house from Henderson Recreation with some bits that we couldn’t figure out. Flat pieces with holes in them (cup holders??), and what seemed like a desk with….place to store paper??? There’s also a little rope wall, a tunnel and slide. 

Besides the big and baby swings (on sand and wood chips), this playground also has an adaptive swing. Brilliant! 
There is lots of greenspace around, a small skatepark, a covered area with picnic tables, and even a beach volleyball court.

The park is at the end of MacDonald Street, just off of County Road 34 (Military Road North), and though it doesn’t show up on Google Maps, it’s there!

This would be a great place to stop if you’re road tripping along the 401 and the kids NEED TO GET OUT OF THE CAR, as the park is just 5 minutes off the highway (Take the Lancaster exit and head north)

NOTE: I find it frustratingly terrible that we have to travel so far out of Montreal to find wheelchair accessible play structures! We’ve been to over 230 parks in Montreal and have found…3? 4? that are accessible for all. Sad. I was really impressed with this small town’s playground. Great job 🙂

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