Cooney Park

This was maybe the…fourth time we came by this park?
It had become like a ritual; visit the nearby Wilson Park, and then come here to see if it was full of daycare kids. Like, FULL. 
And it always was. 
Finally on a weekend morning it was empty to take pictures! Whew. 

There are two distinct areas here; the big-kid section (unfenced) with its tall climber, slides and ladders, two adult swings, an X-Wave balance beam thing, and a hang-on! spinner. 

Over in the toddler section are baby swings, the super cuter caterpillar climber (who always has something new to explore), two spring riders that are great for little ones, a saddle spinner, and a large play structure.
This play structure has lots of pods and steps to cross, a good staircase, the bumpy tot climber, slides, and ladders.
There IS a splash pad here, but if you’re looking for something elaborate, this is not it. This is more “spouts from a wall”, than tipping buckets and rainbows to run through. But, it’s water!

Things to note:
-The splash pad water is on from 9:30am-9pm. Press the sensor on the brown post to turn on the water sequence.
-Both play areas are on sand.
-The toddler area is completely fenced but has no gate at the entrance.
-There was a wheelchair-accessible porta-potty installed when we visited in mid-summer. 

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