Verdun Beach

GENERAL NOTE FOR ALL BEACHES for the 2021 season: For all information, rates (if applicable), reservation details, and more, make sure to visit the official website BEFORE going. Water quality, maximum capacities, COVID-regulations are changing often and may affect openings. I wasn’t sure what to expect at this newly opened beach.

I’d seen the news reports, read the comments on social media, and with it being over budget and two years late, it all seemed a bit…questionable. I’ve also been to this park before (read that HERE), and the waterfront wasn’t exactly picturesque (I can’t tell you what my husband commented, but it wasn’t exactly fit for a travel brochure.)

So on a Super Sunny Sunday morning (an SSS), I took off sans children, and made my way to the beach.
No children? What?!?
Yup, the kiddos were away for a few days on their own adventure and I was ON MY OWN. Hahahahahahahahahaha. 
So this was a wonderful, and then slightly weird visit. 

When the beach was being built, for some reason I thought it was way west behind the Natatorium. It is not. 
Luckily, Google Maps is smarter than me and took me directly to the large parking lot across from the Verdun Hospital, right in front of the Piscine Arthur-Therrien.

I parked. I paid. I stopped.
Perhaps there was a giant sign I didn’t see? Where art thou Beach?
Wandering past the pool there WAS a sign on the bike path. 
The beach!

And it was actually quite lovely! Yes small it’s small, but it’s also ten minutes from Downtown. 

Stairs and a gently-sloped universally accessible concrete path leads from the top entrance to the beach. Or, be adventurous and zip down one of the two metal slides. Love that they incorporated a kids area here. There’s also a rope climber, a rock climbing wall, and lots and lots of sand to play in. In which to play. 

The beach itself is actually bigger than I’d thought it would be. And I was one of only three people there. BUT, when I was leaving just after 10am, there was a steady stream of people heading over.
I don’t take pictures of other people, which is why you don’t see anybody.

It’s. Not. This. Serene.

I’ve seen some pictures online and it looked PACKED, with people covering the sand and the surrounding grass areas. I suggest going early in the day, or be prepared for a lot of people if you’re going at 2pm on a weekend. 

The water “looked” clean (it’s analyzed daily) and it’s rock-free and with a gentle entry. And while it looked quite calm I would probably not let my kids go swimming to the boundary rope. That’s just me, you can do as you like 🙂

And, then I felt weird being there on my own, and wanted my kids to play with, so I left. THERE IS NO HAPPY MEDIUM TO BEING A PARENT!

LOTS of things to note:

-Entrance to the beach is free.

-Before going, make sure to call this number (514-280- 0789) to check that the beach is open. It is updated twice a day. DO NOT COMPLAIN TO ME IF YOU HAVEN’T CALLED AND YOU GO AND IT’S NOT OPEN. 

-The beach is open from late June until early September, from 10am-7pm daily, weather permitting. The beach has lifeguards, and you may only go in the water when they are on duty. 

-If you have trouble finding the beach, the actual address is

-Park in the lot. Regular Montreal parking fees apply. Bring your credit card or coins. The beach can be accessed by car (obviously), the nearby de l’Église metro station, and the 37 & 12 bus routes. 

-There is no shade, nor are there benches or picnic tables. Your choice is sand, grass, or sitting on one of the concrete borders. I read somewhere that there are hammocks. I didn’t see any. 

The beach rules can be found HERE
They include the usual “no glass”, “no dogs”, “wear a bathing suit”, “no floaty things”, and “no smoking pot around those who don’t want to get totally baked while watching their kids in the water”

-Available at the beach (to borrow) are life jackets in all sizes (yes, children’s too), and water-accessible wheelchairs!

-As of 2019 there were NO BATHROOMS at the beach (the lifeguard said they’re coming.) The closest are at the

-Also, don’t get hit by a bike. They fly along the bike path you need to cross. It’s just like Frogger!

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