Arthur-Therrien Park

EDITED November 2015: Verdun just reopened the skate park after and huge renovation. I haven’t updated the pictures yet, but head on over to Verdun’s Facebook page, or read about it HERE.

Our first visit to a Verdun Park!
This one was recommended by a StrollerParking reader (waving “hi!”), and has some really interesting equipment by Kompan.

The playground area is right near the red-roofed chalet and the parking lot and has a partially fenced toddler area, a small splashpad, and a big-kid section. Both playgrounds are on sand. 

The toddler area was ok. It has a really cute climber by Kompan, with rope and metal ladders, a slide, a tiny rock-climbing wall, and a ground level play area with spots to sift sand. The reason I don’t love it? Because it’s for 18months-5 years and there’s no stairs. It’s quite tricky to get to the slide when you’re only 3 feet tall.
There is also a cute four-toddler teeter-totter ride-on and a spinny wheel. There are a few picnic tables on the outside of the fence and some small trees, but it was very sunny.
Right beside is the Kompan Glacier climber which is a really, really tall big-kid climber. I actually preferred this climber more for the little guy as there is a wide, easy staircase all the way to the top and the slide. Great design. 
There are a couple of other ridiculously hard ways to get up, so after he tried them out the 7-year old had a little nap in the built-in hammock! Just behind are a bunch of baby and big kid swings. In full, blazing sun. We also tried out the hard-to-balance-on Argo and found it easiest to slither along on our hands and knees.

The big red-roofed chalet was open at 9:30am on a Saturday and had clean bathrooms and a water fountain. 
Only sad point? We tried and tried to turn on the water in the splash pad but nothing was happening. It may have just been a glitch that day. 

Things to note:
-The park and playground are right across the street from the Verdun Hospital.
-This is a huge park and besides the playgrounds are bike paths, a pool with the cutest wading pool that both kids were eyeing through the fence, a large skatepark, fields, a sledding hill, tennis, baseball, and on and on.  We walked past the bike path and tried to find a nice spot to sit by the water but it was all a bit sketch. 
-For info on SLEDDING with various sleds and tubes available, CLICK HERE

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  • Nicola says:

    Right by our (pre-kids) condo! “All a bit sketch” sums it up rather nicely 🙂 Still nice to see a good park in a city neighbourhood with a ton of kids.

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