de Talcy Park

This large park has some interesting things like the rubber-based splash pad, a small wading pool,a nice-looking chalet, the lovely wheelchair-accessible swinging seats that we’ve seen at other Anjou parks, tons of picnic tables, and an outdoor fitness circuit.

The playground is ok – nothing super crazy – but there are balance beams and spring riders, two sets of adult and baby swings, two play structures with slides and ladders (the smaller one has stairs, and the dreaded bridge that I loathe), and metal caterpillar climber. There are picnic tables beside the sand and even a shade structure right in the middle of the playground.
The splash pad and wading pool are right beside the playground, but the entrance is over on the other side near the chalet. 

The fenced and gated (with a lifeguard) splash pad is on a poured-in-place rubber base and has a trio of animal water cannons, a tall wavy daisy to dance under, and a misting ring and a frog to run through. 

Behind the chalet is the start of the fitness course, which continues across the street into the next park/greenspace. I didn’t venture very far as that seemed…like a lot of exercise.

Things to note:
-The playground is not fenced and is all on sand. 
-Because there is a wading pool here, the splash pad and pool are fully fenced, gated, and with a lifeguard. Thus, there is a more limited schedule and hours than the totally open splash pads. You find a link to the most recent schedule HERE or call 514-493-8231. It looks like the usual hours are 10-6:30 during the summer.
-At this park you’ll also find soccer fields, a park chalet, summer cinema, and a skating rink and oval in the winter. 

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